Kildrak Skullcrusher

Hero of Greenest (level 3)


Shield Dwarf Champion
Alignment Chaotic Good
Background Soldier

Armor Class 18 (Chain Mail and Shield)
Hit Points 35
Speed 25 ft.

STR 17 ( +3) DEX 10 ( +0) CON 16 ( +3)
INT 12 ( +1) WIS 8 ( -1) CHA 13 ( +1)

Saving Throws Str +5, Con +5
Skills Acrobatics +2, Athletics +5, Intimidation +3, Survival +1
Senses Dark Vision, Passive Perception 9
Languages Common, Dwarvish
Proficiencies All Armor, Simple and Marshal Weapons, Shields, Land Vehicles, Bone Dice, Smith’s Tools,
Features Action Surge (1/rest), Dark Vision, Dwarven Resistance, Fighting Style (Two Weapon Fighting), Military Rank (Shieldlar), Improved Critical (19-20) Second Wind (1/day), Stonecutting

Equipment Backpack, Bone Dice, Fractured Skull, Common Clothes, Crowbar, Hammer, Pitons (10), Rations (9 days), Rope (50 ft.), Standard-bearer’s Insignia, Torches (10), Waterskin
Gear Chain Mail, Long Sword, Hand-Axe (2), War Hammer
Money Pouch 10gp



Personality Traits I am polite and respectful but have issues with authority.
Ideals I will not follow orders blindly, nor will I accept tyranny, no matter it’s guise.
Bonds Sildar didn’t leave me behind and I will honor him by following his lead.
Flaws I would rather eat my armor than admit I’m wrong.


Born in Waterdeep and commissioned with the City guard on the first day of his 18th year, it appeared as though Kildrak would prosper in the Guard, having been made the Standard-Bearer while still an ensign for his high marks and his skill in battle.

It was while still only an ensign that he received his agnomen Skullcrusher after using the standard to bludgeon an enemy that had drawn too close to his commanding officer, Sildar Hallwinter.

After graduating to Shieldlar of the Guard Kildrak was disheartened to learn that he would not serve under Hallwinter and found his new Aumarr, Gander Neverember, to be frustratingly oblivious to the realities of war.

When Aumarr Neverember demanded that their troupes go on the offensive while defending Deepwater Castle, Kildrak saw the flawed plan for what it was, a death sentence, but Kildrak was a good soldier and he led the charge into the maw of the goblin hoard.

It was a slaughter.

If it hadn’t been for the timely return of Aumarr Hallwinter, the Castle would have been lost. As it stood, only three of them survived. When Kildrak returned to the castle Aumarr Neverember berated the young dwarf for making such a risky maneuver. Kildrak responded by backhanding the smarmy lordling, breaking his jaw.

Kildrak was discharged from the City’s Guard immediately and was nearly executed, but for Sildar’s demand for clemency.

He was exiled from Waterdeep and once again it was Sildar, that came to his rescue, getting him a job in Neverwinter with a Dwarf called Gundren Rockseeker, acting as an escort for the Dwarf’s shipments.

Kildrak Skullcrusher

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