All is not well on the Sword Coast.

Three years ago the Cult of the Dragon, having been all but forgotten by the people of Faerûn, reemerged from the dusty libraries and begun marauding across the countryside, in search of what no one can say.

It was in those early days that members of the Cult kidnapped a priest of Silvanus called Kelephon Dayspring. The Lady Galaїlo had called Kelephon her friend and has, along with his sister, Sonora and an Elderly Dragonborn sorceress capable of controlling Dragonkin, has gone in search of him.

Along the trail, they’ve joined a caravan led by the Shield Dwarf Kildrak Skullcrusher, an ill-tempered dwarf who cares little for elves no matter their pedigree and has forced them to share their wagon with a Mulanese bounty-hunter and his quarry, as they travel the long way toward Baldur’s Gate

And here is where we begin our adventure on the road to Greenest

Dungeons and Dragons - Tyranny of Dragons

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